VPN | Cybersecurity


LambdaVPN: Public VPN Hosting

With LambdaVPN, you can now start your own public VPN provider on our fast, high-bandwidth, global server network.
It's based on λcore. You can easily and safely integrate it to your existing architecture and client database.

Penetration Testing

Let security experts attempt real-world attacks on applications and web sites to discover weaknesses an attacker could use and fix them.

Security Consulting

PacketImpact can work with you on any project and advise you to make the best decisions for a secure product and environment.


λcore: VPN Management Software

λcore is our proprietary solution to a common problem with VPN and proxy servers. It provides a reliable, centralized system for authentication and connection logging.
Made to work with OpenVPN and SS5 through an API and a set of scripts, it also has a clean web interface to manage your network and sessions and a REST API.

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