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Packet Impact provides VPN-related services, expertise, and software;
We host VPN networks and help VPN businesses start quickly, scale, and operate smoothly by developing and supporting specialized software.


LambdaVPN: VPN Development & Management

With LambdaVPN, you can now start your own public VPN provider easily and quickly, using λcore.
Our unique solution lets you leverage our experience in building and maintaining VPN services to get the perfect solution for your needs.

  • Website development
  • Client app development for Windows and GNU/Linux
  • VPN servers, λcore, and web server installation and maintenance

λcore: VPN Management Software

λcore centralizes and automatizes the management and monitoring of a wide network of VPN and proxy servers.
Controlled from a clean web interface, it complements ansible to deploy and maintain servers over a large range of providers, and serves an API to easily integrate with existing websites and billing systems.

  • With a REST API to manage servers and clients, generate dynamic DNS, handle abuse, ...
  • Compatible with OpenVPN, WireGuard, and SS5 SOCKS proxy
  • Available self-hosted or as a service.

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