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Packet Impact provides VPN-related services, expertise, and software; We host VPN networks and help VPN businesses start quickly, scale, and operate smoothly.


LambdaVPN: VPN Development & Management

You can start your own VPN service easily and quickly, with λcore and our experience managing and maintaining VPN infrastructures.
Whether you need a secure VPN for your business or want to start a public VPN provider for customers anywhere in the world, we can help you set it up and provide the tools to manage it efficiently and painlessly.

  • VPN servers, λcore, and web server installation and management
  • Website & Client App development
  • In-depth technological consulting & Customized solutions

λcore: VPN Management Software

λcore centralizes and automatizes the management and monitoring of a wide network of VPN and proxy servers.
Controlled from a clean web interface, it complements ansible to deploy and maintain servers over a large range of providers and serves an API to easily integrate with existing websites and billing systems.

  • With a REST API to manage servers and clients, generate dynamic DNS, handle abuse, ...
  • Compatible with OpenVPN, WireGuard, and SS5 SOCKS proxy
  • Available self-hosted or as a service.

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